Hamiffal‭, ‬“The Factory‭,‬” is an art project that turned an abandoned 19th century building in the heart of Jerusalem into an art and cultural center.

We run a gallery, workshops, a cafe-bar and vegetarian kitchen, an art store presenting local artists and a multifunctional presentation venue for theatre, dance, concerts, discussions and screenings.

Hamiffal is a public space created for and by the public. Anyone interested is invited to join at any time and make an impact. From this perspective, Hamiffal is a work of art produced by the general public and in a constant state of construction.

We're at:
3 HaMa'aravim St, Jerusalem

Space & Bar Opening Hours:

Sun.-Thu. 12:00—24:00
Fri. 12:00—16:00
Sat. 20:00—24:00

For further details regarding weekly events, find us on:
Facebook & Instagram

Reach us at: